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It takes talent to deliver an entire horror story in only two sentences, and Ms. Lane's Language Arts classes delivered in a big way!  For a bit of Halloween fun, check out these amazing horror stories below!

Anna Barker (4th Grade) 
I went to an abandoned house and I heard a piano. No one was there but when I turned around I saw a hand.

Autum Cotrel (4th Grade)
I was sleeping and I heard a noise. I looked down the hallway and seen a floating cup and I ran out the window.

Caston Kraemer (4th Grade)
I went to the cemetery to pray at night. I heard a noise coming from the grave!

Jonathan Ludlow (4th Grade) 
I was sleeping in a hotel. And suddenly the door opened. I saw someone in the distance and I remembered I was alone.

Angel Shilts (4th Grade) 
One night I was getting some ice water when I heard a noise. I went to go look what it was then I saw myself and it was sharpening a knife. 

Elan Young (5th Grade) 
Me and my mom liked to take drives on gravel roads until one night our car broke down. We looked into the distance and what looks like a girl running toward us yelling, "HELP ME!" while what sounded like a little girl screaming which wasn't the girl running toward us.

Kaylea Lavoie (6th Grade) 
I heard a dog barking in my house. I don't own a dog.

Addy Paye (6th Grade) 
The spiders quickly wrap their prey in silk. The man's screams started becoming fainter with each layer.

Desiree Hubler (7th Grade) 
It was Halloween night and my friend's costume was a skeleton. I went to touch it because it was the coolest one I saw all night, but there was no skin.

Korbin Siebert (7th Grade) 
I woke up from having to go to the bathroom. When I turned the sink on, the water was red and the mirror changed.

Katelyn Walker (7th Grade) 
I was looking in the mirror and I bent down. When I got up, I looked into the mirror again, and saw myself smiling, I wasn't.

Nora Clifton (8th Grade) 
I was playing rock paper scissors with myself in the mirror. I won.

Malia Jones (8th Grade)
Ready to settle down for the evening, I put my headphones on. The whispering coming from them startled me; they were not plugged in.

Lorelei Waite (8th Grade)
I heard a clicking in the bathroom, so I went to look. When I stepped in front of the mirror I saw someone behind me.