a plus b

Today, students who made A's and B's on their first quarter report cards were recognized for their hard work.

Mr. O'Quinn gathered the middle school in the gymnasium this afternoon to award students who had made both the "A" Honor Roll and the "A/B" Honor Roll. In all, eleven students received a certificate as well as a soda and a candy bar.

Mr. O'Quinn sweetened their success by entering each honor roll student into a drawing for a crisp $20 bill!  Fourth-grader, Autum Cotrel was the lucky winner of the top prize.

Congratulations to all of our students who made the honor roll last quarter and good luck to all our students on their efforts to make the cut this quarter!

8th Grade Honor Roll
Nora Clifton - A
Malia Jones - A
Lorelai Waite - A/B

7th Grade Honor Roll
Katelyn Walker - A/B

6th Grade Honor Roll
Blakelyn Martin - A
Addy Paye - A
Kaylee Lavoie - A/B


5th Grade Honor Roll
Elan Young

4th Grade Honor Roll
Angel Shiltz
Autum Coterl
Jonathan Ludlow

Honor Roll Drawing Winner
Autum Cotrel - $20